Studio Policies

We want all of our clients to have a fun and enjoyable time when they are with us. These policies help to maintain a comfortable and relaxing environment for all of our clients and staff.

-You must have a valid state or federal ID to be tattooed or pierced at our studio. We do not accept a temporary paper ID. It must be the hard copy license. We can accept a state license or ID, passport, CHL, and CDL.

-NO ONE UNDER 18 IS ALLOWED IN OUR STUDIO UNLESS THEY ARE GETTING PIERCED AND ACCOMPANIED BY THEIR PARENT. If you are a parent bringing your child to get pierced, please do not bring any additional children, who are not getting pierced. You will need to be present in the piercing room while your child is being pierced, and you will not be allowed to have another child with you, nor leave them in the lobby. We can not allow any unattended children. If you are a parent bringing multiple children to be pierced, please make sure there is another parent or adult to watch the child who is waiting to be pierced. The parent that signs the minor release paperwork, must be present in the piercing room at the time of the piercing.

-No food is allowed in our store. We do have a sitting area on our front patio for our clients to eat at, but you can not bring any food in to the store. There are an assortment of restaurants near us, that are delicious and quick.

- There are NO guests allowed in the PIERCING room, unless you are a parent bringing your minor to be pierced. We do not allow clients or guests to record or photograph while they are being pierced for the safety of the client and Piercer. (This includes Snapchat, Facetime, Etc.). Taking pictures or video while the piercing is taking place can often make a client move, or distract the Piercer, which can be harmful to the client and our staff.

- Some of our artists allow their clients to have a guest in the TATTOO room with them. If so, clients are only allowed to have 1 guest in the tattoo room. This is usually for smaller tattoos that take an hour or less. We do not allow clients to switch guests at any point during the tattoo. We do not allow guests to show up after the tattoo has begun. This helps prevent any unwanted distractions once the tattoo has begun. Please do not bring more than one guest with you. We can not allow a group of people to be waiting for you in our lobby. Some artists do NOT allow a guest in their TATTOO room, especially for tattoos that take multiple hours. Having a guest in the tattoo room can often make clients move, or be distracting to the artist. Our main goal is to give the best possible tattoo. Please ask your artist if they allow a guest, before booking your appointment.

-No facetime or speaker phones allowed in our studio. We try to provide a comfortable place for our clients to get tattooed and pierced. Loud speaker phones, facetime, or tv on the phone is a distraction to other clients and our artists. Please be courteous when using your phone or other devices. We do offer FREE WIFI to our clients, so that you may watch tv on your phone while you get tattooed. Please make sure you wear headphones if you plan to do so. We do not allow you to have tv or music playing through the speakers of your phone.

-Our artists do not send out any images of sketches or designs. This helps protect the custom work that we provide. We usually provide extra time with appointments, just in case minor modifications need to be done with the design. By this point, your artist should have discussed your idea in detail with you, and have a solid concept in mind. You may request a design viewing to see your design before your appointment. Due to scheduling, this needs to be requested during the consultation process.

-Tattoo appointments require a non-refundable deposit. All deposits are non-transferable. 72 hours notice is required for all reschedules, or your deposit will be forfeit.  You are allowed one reschedule for your appointment, as long as it is done with at least 72 hours notice. Please show up a few minutes early to take care of your necessary paperwork. If you are more than 15 minutes late without prior communication, you will be marked as a NO SHOW, and your deposit will be forfeit. We can not tattoo an area that has sunburn, rashes, lacerations, skin outbreaks, etc.  Failure to notify us with such skin conditions at least 72 hours prior to your appointment will result in a forfeiture of your deposit and you will need to re-book your appointment. If you are planning to have scar tissue covered up, you must inform your artist before booking your appointment.

-Piercing appointments can be made by emailing or calling the studio. We do not require a deposit for piercing appointments. Please notify us if you will need to cancel or reschedule. Please show up at least 10 minutes early to take care of necessary paperwork. If you are not on time for your piercing appointment, we will move to the next client. Because we do not require a deposit, we can not wait for you if you are late. We will offer you the next available time.

-We do not offer any free touch ups on tattoos. While we strive to ensure the services we provide are to the highest possible standards, your skin is living tissue, and we can not guarantee how your body will react to the tattoo. We can not guarantee a client will properly care for their tattoo. We will explain how to care for your tattoo, and we will also send you home with aftercare instructions. Please make sure you take the steps to care for your tattoo properly. You may contact us anytime you have questions or concerns. For your convenience, we sell all the products needed to care for your tattoo.

-We can not guarantee any piercing. We can not predict how your body will react to the piercing or jewelry. We can not guarantee the client will properly care for their new piercing. We do operate with the high possible standards when it comes to all piercings and jewelry. We will explain all the necessary steps to care for your piercing, as well as send you home with aftercare instructions. You may contact us anytime you have questions or concerns. For your convenience, we sell all the products needed to care for your piercing.

-You must not have had Covid-19 or been around anyone with Covid-19 within 30 days of your appointment. If you do contract Covid-19 please contact us for the necessary steps. If you are someone who deals with Covid-19 patients, do not book an appointment. Your deposit will be forfeit if you book an appointment. That is an unnecessary risk we are not wanting to take for our clients, our staff, and our staff's families. If you have sickness or allergy symptoms, please reschedule your appointment with us before hand. If you show up to your appointment with symptoms, your appointment will be cancelled and your deposit will be forfeit. You must wear a mask the whole time in our studio. (No bandanas, scarves, gator pull ups, or masks with exit ports will be allowed). We will have you wash your hands upon arrival, take your temperature and fill out a Covid-19 questionnaire. We are not allowing guests, so please do not bring anyone with you to your appointment. Please call us from your car to check in for your appointment.  

-All sales are final. We do not offer any refunds.

-We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.