These are a few things we ask of our clients, in order to be courteous to our artists as well as assist us in maintaining our peak level of efficiency.

-No food is allowed in our store. We have furniture on our front patio for our clients to eat at, but you can not bring any food in to the store.

-No one under 18 is allowed in our studio unless they are getting pierced, and are accompanied by their parent. If you are a parent bringing your child to get pierced, please do not bring any additional children, who are not getting pierced.

- Clients are only allowed to have 1 guest go back with them to the piercing room. We do not allow guests to record or photograph clients while they are being pierced for the safety of the client and piercer. This includes Snapchat, Facetime, Etc.

- We do not allow clients to bring small children, toddlers, or infants into our tattoo or piercing area. We also do not allow them to wait in our lobby while a client is getting tattooed or pierced.

- Some of our artists allow their clients to have a guest in the room with them. If so, clients are only allowed to have 1 guest go back with them to sit in the designated area while the client is being tattooed. We do not allow clients to switch guests at any point during the tattoo or be in the tattoo area. We do not allow guests to show up after the tattoo has begun. Do not bring more than one guest with you.

-No facetime or speaker phones allowed in our studio. We try to provide a comfortable place for our clients to get tattooed and pierced. Loud speaker phones, facetime, or tv on the phone is a distraction to other clients and our artists.

-We offer free wifi to our clients, so that you may watch tv on your phone while you get tattooed. Please make sure you wear headphones if you plan to do so. We do not allow you to have tv or music playing through the speakers of your phone.